Our Story

In October 2019, the cutest CMO (Chief Mischievous Officer) came into our lives, creating sweet chaos along the way. As a new mom and godmom, the sweet chaos can quickly turn into cluelessness, angst and sleep deprivation, which we're sure many new parents are all too aware of. Between preparing postpartum recovery essentials, getting the basic baby necessities and finding time to rest and take care of our loved ones, we quickly realised that it does indeed take a kampung to raise a baby. 

That's where we would like to help, with our second baby, Luvla. ("Love-Leila")

Luvla came about from all the only if moments. Even when we think that we are all prepared to welcome our little bundle of joy, we almost always end up with those moments of regret. At Luvla, we have specially handpicked a collection of essentials to help new mommies recover and spend quality time with your little one - to bring the kampung spirit of helping each other out to you

To accentuate the true essence of the kampung spirit that Singaporeans hold close to our hearts, we will be bringing the spotlight to various local brands by featuring them within our box, alongside other carefully curated essentials.

Meet the team 

Just like raising a baby, it takes a kampung to help Luvla grow. Meet the team behind the scenes.


Chief Mischievous